Complete monitoring of critical SAP authorizations - DSR at Röchling-Group

The company group holds around 1,700 SAP users and owns 

a complex SAP organizational structure with various international production and distribution locations. Currently, the administration of SAP authorizations is managed locally, taking into consideration all global and country specific characteristics. The IT management in Worms predefines master roles that need to be customized by the specific locations. Röchling decided to revise and optimize all roles and assignments due to the growing number of locations as well as authorization-relevant projects in the SAP environment that are currently pending.

Therefore, Röchling group was looking for a software solution that in addition to the before mentioned requirements also automates the review of realized authorization adjustments, and in best case through Single Point of Control.

After reviewing and comparing several software for SAP authorization analysis and reporting, Röchling group decided on DSR.

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