Melchers – Successful Launch of the Neptune Software App Development Platform

Melchers is a worldwide operating trading company with focus on the export and 

import of goods from the Asian market and supports companies in the development of new markets and trade relations. The group IT acts as service provider for more than 50 subsidiaries. One of its core tasks is the development of applications that ensure the optimal flow of the trading business.

Thus, the selection of an application development platform was already on the agenda 3 years ago. It turned out that most of the available Fiori Standard applications could not serve Melcher's own extensive and individual requirements. Possible adaptations were only partially possible and if at all, only very cumbersome to implement. In this respect, an alternative was sought and nexQuent was approached as a certified Neptune distribution and implementation partner.

An on-site workshop was quickly held, which also quickly revealed that Melchers' requirements could be optimally implemented with the Neptune DX Platform. Afterwards a 3-day on-site training with the development team (SAP ABAP) took place. The knowledge gained during this training, the speed with which apps can be created, the high reusability and efficient maintainability were decisive factors that led Melchers to choose the Neptune DX Platform as the strategic development platform for SAPUI5 applications.

As an SAP technology consulting firm, the nexQuent team also supported in setting up the Neptune environment and providing the technological interface to make the upcoming web apps and/or web services from the Melchers SAP system available for the Internet. 

The SAP Web Dispatcher was set up for this purpose in just 2 days.

The SAP Web dispatcher is located between the Web client (browser) and the SAP system on which the Neptune applications run (back end) and forwards the incoming requests (HTTP, HTTPS) to the application server (AS) of the SAP system. If the application is "stateful", the SAP Web dispatcher ensures that the next time the user makes a request, he or she is redirected to the server that is processing his or her application. To do this it uses the session cookie for HTTP connections and the client IP address for end-to-end SSL.

A key factor in the decision was that the SAP Web Dispatcher does not contain an additional database instance and is therefore significantly less maintenance-intensive from an administration perspective.

nexQuent has thus made a trend-setting contribution to the fact that the introduction of the Neptune Platform has proven to be very successful. To date, over 100 applications have been developed and successfully used for a wide range of business processes and worldwide users.