Add-on for transparent and lean emergency user administration including reports and automatic notification.

Description of procedure:

  • The emergency is determined and communicated to a SAP Basis employee via the customer-specific channel (ticket system, mail, etc.).
  • The SAP Basis Admin decides whether to take action himself in this emergency or whether to hand this over to a key user.
    • If the admin himself becomes active, he has direct access to all relevant emergency users (NFU for short) through the already stored DEA mapping.
    • If, for example, a key user has to be active, he has to be entered into the DEA mapping table by the admin/basis.
      • In the mapping table, the from/to is stored for the period in which the corresponding NFU may be used.
      • A reason must be entered (free long text field for recording, for example, the ticket number)
      • Alternatively, an attachment (the mail) can also be added.
      • The key user can then use the assigned NFU directly via the corresponding dialog/transaction.
  • The further process steps are analogous to the previous DEA procedure.
    • Automatic blocking and release of the NFU after completion of use
    • Mail notification to the NFU examiner
    • Traffic light for open comments by the NFU examiner
    • Reporting incl. SAL insight

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