Efficient monitoring and documentation of SAP data archiving

SAP® data archiving represents a critical intervention in the data storage of business data. With the migration to S/4 HANA or the implementation of the GDPR and the introduction of SAP ILM, the number of archiving runs in most companies is rising significantly. For this reason, auditors are increasingly paying attention to the traceability of the archiving processes. Unfortunately, the SAP system does not offer the necessary instruments to collect all actions and settings quickly and easily to store them permanently and to report them clearly.

With the product Savento Tower®, which also contains the Archive Manager, the nexQuent group provides a lean and inexpensive solution for an easy implementation as well as automated documentation of archiving processes.

Advantages of the Savento Tower

  • ABAP solution fully integrated in SAP
  • Automated creation and permanent storage of documentation reports for data archiving runs
  • The status of all archiving runs in the Tower cockpit enables simple and fast monitoring at a glance
  • Archiving sessions can also be displayed cross-system in the Tower cockpit (e.g. ERP, CRM, SCM)
  • Record of defined SAP ILM residence and retention periods
  • Persistent storage of system and customizing settings, runtimes, spools and job logs at the time of archiving sessions
  • Creation of configurable report layouts and possible output in PDF format
  • Low investment costs and significant savings on manual routine activities

In contrast to the SAP standard, a potential misconduct of an archiving run and its causes can be traced even after a longer period of time.


Advantages of the Archive Manager

  • Add-on module for simplified and automated creation of variants & jobs for data archiving
  • Dependency checks (e.g., predecessors, residence time, etc.) and determination of a sequence for archiving objects
  • Automated sending of mails when jobs are started/completed as well as in case of an error
  • Comprehensive customizing for adapting to customer-specific requirements possible


The following functionalities of the Savento Tower are to be emphasized:

  • Clear tree structure of all archiving objects and sessions
  • Permanent and compressed storage of job logs and spools of data archiving runs, which usually only remain in the SAP system for a limited time.
  • Display of reports in HTML format
  • Flexible report customizing, for example displaying a company logo or specifying a maximum number of pages to be saved from spools
  • Central evaluation via several SAP systems possible
  • Extremely low installation and implementation costs
  • An optional add-on module enables the documentation of general SAP background jobs based on defined selections (business-critical jobs)

For SAP data archiving, the Savento Tower, which also contains the Archive Manager, is an ideal solution to ensure the completeness and correctness of the archiving runs and to document them in the long term. This monitoring and automation tool optimally meets the documentation requirements of auditors.

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