Neptune DXP Planet 8 v.5.2.1 Released

Planet 8 v.5.2.1 is now available in the Download section. If you already have installed Planet 8, you will get a download link in the Cockpit.

This release contains bugfixes to v.5.2.0 and a couple of new features. We encourage our customers on v.5.2.0 to update to this patched version immediately.


This release would not have been possible without your feedback and contributions.  A special thanks goes out to all of you!

  • Terje Pedersen
  • Cyril Vernet
  • Dominik Robioneck
  • Philippe Giuge
  • Tino Reuschel
  • Nicolay Aarstad Wildhagen

New Features

Mobile Client: Support for faceID on iPhone X and iPhone Xs.

Plugin cordova-plugin-ios-faceid is added to the plugin list when fingerprint/touch ID is enabled in the PIN Code section.

App Designer: valueObject helper code

Suggestion code added when creating custom valueObject formatter options

App Designer: Default library

SAPUI5 is now selected by default when creating a new app. In the GUI App Designer you still have to select the libraries you need in the app.


App Designer: Message dialog is shown, if model binding is missing when copying Ajax/API

When copying Ajax/API objects, Neptune tries to copy the model binding as well. If one or more model objects are missing in the receiving application, a message is now shown to inform the developer that send/receive on that Ajax/API maybe needs attention.

Example: An application has an Ajax object with send/receive actions on 3 model objects:

The Ajax object and 2 of the model objects are copied:

In a pretty empty app the 3 objects is added:

Neptune discovers that one of the model objects is missing in the receiving application and displays this message:

Nothing wrong, but that one missing model object should maybe also be added:

Color marking in SAPUI5 version dialog

Marking of UI5 version in the Cockpit Mobile Client/Launchpad, and in the App Designer has been improved. It is now easier than ever to choose correct UI5 version.

Table for PhoneGap versions

Table for PhoneGap versions has been updated from /NEPTUNE/PG_VER to /NEPTUNE/LIB_PG. And the table is now delivered with data.

Copy Tile: Tile in change mode

When copying tile, the app was marked as if it had changes to be saved, this is now fixed

Copy Tile: App Locked

Lock was set when copying. A cancel button have been added to cancel copy operation. 

Copy Policy: App Locked

Lock was set when copying. If the cancel button was clicked, so that the copied policy was not saved, the lock remained in the system. Now the policy is unlocked if the copy operation is canceled.

App Designer: FormatOptions 

Change from binding to script on FormatOptions attributes.

App Designer: in-line formatter script

There were a conflict between predefined formatters and custom in-line formatter scripts. Formatters are chosen via F4 help values, or a custom script can be used to format your field the way you want. If just one line was added in the custom formatter script, the code was inserte in-line, in the inputfield, instead of the usual "Anonymous Function" text. When the one line custom formatter script was cleared with the F4 helper, the script was still sitting in the background. Therefore all custom formatters will will be presented with a "Anonymous Function" text, no matter how many lines the codes persist of.

In-line script code on events is not affected by this change, it is still possible to have one line script code in events.

Launchpad: Whitespace in sap.m.ObjectHeader

Using sap.m.ObjectAttribute objects inside sap.m.ObjectHeader, would cause the attributes to be rendered into a row instead of column. This did only happen when displayed inside a desktop launchpad, not on mobile.

CSS code added to the NEPTUNE_LAUNCHPAD_DESKTOP app used in desktop applications.

.sapMOHROuter {
    white-space: normal;

NAD: Fix for creation of Resources folder in old apps

The Resources folder has been introduced recently. Old apps that don't have the Resources folder, was getting the folder added automatically. In some cases this process corrupted the tree structure, resulting in one missing object in the tree.

Mobile Client: Offline pincode authentication using Credentials with special characters

Using special characters in logon authentication is now working also in offline mode

App Designer: Multiple script editor instances of the same script code

In rare cases, old script editor tabs would not be closed, leading to potential loss of data when saving. Now the script editor tab remains open when deleting all script text, giving you more options to enter new script text or to choose a predefined value if present.

Example: Custom script formatter is created:

All code is deleted. The simple formatter becomes available again. Script window remains open, so you can choose to add a simple formatter or just add new code in the custom script formatter:

Simple formatter is added:

If code is added to the open script window, the simple formatter will be deleted

Neptune DXP Planet 8 v.5.2.1 Release Note