Gühring is a company rich in traditions and today is one of the 

world’s leading manufacturer of precision tools.

“High productivity, excellent economic efficiency and optimal machining results are principles to which our products have been designed and manufactured to for in excess of 100 years.

Our customers put their trust in our precision products where tool material, geometry and coating are perfectly matched to one another. Our in-house carbide production, our machine and equipment division, Gühring’s coating technology as well as our state-of-the-art research and development centers ensure our technological leadership in rotary cutting tools. Our service division offers flexible support in all tooling matters up to the complete tool management.”

In 2013 Gühring began to examine different solutions like Iseq7, mobisys and also SUP (Sybase unwired platform) to exchange one of their BSP applications to give the management a short and compressed overview about production figures.

Neptune was chosen because of price, easiness (installing, handling), effectiveness to build and deploy apps. Also, key factor was support – immediate and qualified response, real solutions were carried out. After a short and compressed developer training from nexQuent we were right on our way to build the first apps on our own.

Meanwhile “Neptune” is well known throughout the whole company as our development platform to get easy access and make smart apps to use SAP (processes & information) in a better and effective way.

Neptune in use at GÜHRING


  • 570 Neptune mobile end users
  • 1 Neptune Runtime Server

Rolled-out applications:

  • Internal phonebook, employee lookup
  • Various production reports/overviews (PP)
  • supplier approval (SD)
  • travel expenses (HR)
  • Gühring Customer Management (short GCM):
  • Customer, contact overview
  • Orders, conditions (display)
  • Inventory information
  • Visit reports
  • Statistics and reports

More about Gühring at: https://www.guehring.de/en/